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Smathers and Branson Michigan State Needlepoint Belt

This post originally ran August 24, 2012.  Since then Smathers and Branson has added 14 more schools to bring the total up to 68 and the Midwestern options now include Kansas, Miami (OH), Michigan, Michigan State and Missouri in addition to Northwestern and Wisconsin.  Hats, coasters and Christmas ornaments are also available for select schools.

So far I’ve touched on the basics for supporting your school.  You have your shirts and your pants covered, and maybe even a tie.  But to really put the whole look together, you need to finish it off with the appropriate accessories.  Here to help finish off your look is Smathers & Branson with their collegiate line of needlepoint products ($25-$165).Smathers & Branson creates needlepoint belts, key fobs, flasks, wallets and dog collars for a variety of schools.  Right now they have designs for 54 schools, mostly located in the South and on the East Coast, but recently they have been expanding into the Midwest with schools like Northwestern and Wisconsin.  All of the products feature the high quality needlepoint designs that Smathers & Branson uses for their regular line of merchandise.  Each of these products will make a perfect accoutrement to an already well thought out gameday uniform. (more…)

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Iowa Iowa State Cy Hawk Trophy

We’re lucky to have another interconference rivalry this early in the season as the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  The teams first met in 1894 when the Cyclones won 16-8.  Iowa has pretty well controlled the series, leading 39-20 all time.  They started playing for the Cy-Hawk Trophy in 1977 and it’s currently in possession of the Cyclones.  Here’s what to wear if you’ll be heading to the game in Iowa City this Saturday or just watching on television. (more…)

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Navy Notre Dame Football Helmets

College football kicks off tomorrow night, so for the next three months or so the “How to Dress for” series is going to be taken over by the sport.  Each week will feature a post on how to dress for the game of the week, usually a rivalry or a top 25 matchup.  There are a few stipulations though.  First of all, at least one of the teams must be located within the Midwest.  Look you’ll likely see a ton of posts elsewhere on what to wear to games in the south and frankly Midwestern fans need more help dressing well than our southern counterparts.  Also, I am sick of having to hear about SEC schools all the time and this is a blog based out of the Midwest anyways.  The second stipulation is that each school can only be featured once.  So while the Michigan-Alabama game is one of the best match ups this weekend it won’t be featured because there’s no way the Michigan-Ohio State game is going to be left out at the end of the year.  Yes, Buckeye and Wolverine fans you’re going to have to wait awhile for your post. (more…)

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How to Dress for Shark Week

The Olympics may be over but Shark Week is now upon us.  Prepare for a week of thrilling encounters with the predators of the deep by dressing for the occasion.  It’s really quite easy to incorporate some sharks into your everyday attire, whether you’re in the office or out on the ocean itself. (more…)

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For a good part of the summer, baseball has the center stage.  No other major sports are taking place for a couple of months and there’s nothing quite like getting out to the diamond to enjoy America’s pastime.  Of course you need to be properly attired for these visits and well nothing about wearing a jersey says properly attired.  Should you find yourself lucky enough to be in a luxury box in most instances you’ll be perfectly fine swapping out the shorts for a pair of pants.  Here’s a rundown for each team located near the shores of the Great Lakes. (more…)

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How to Dress for The Golf Course Summer

As the U.S. Open tees off tomorrow in California, it seems to be the perfect time to address how to dress for the golf course.  The golf course is not a rave, don’t go there dressed like Rickie Fowler.  Show some respect for the game and wear a collared shirt.  You never know who you’ll run into on the course, it could be a future boss or client, and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  Stick with clothing built for the golf course.  It will keep you cooler and allow for plenty of movement.  With the summer heat you can opt for shorts instead of pants especially if it’s a scorcher.  Follow this guide and you’ll be well-suited for the 1st hole through the 19th. (more…)

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Smathers and Branson Nantucket Island Needlepoint Hat

A baseball cap is a versatile piece of apparel.  It can show your allegiance to your favorite team.  It can cover up your messy hair when you roll out of bed and realize you need to run to the store to pick up orange juice for breakfast.  It can negate sunburn while spending four hours on the golf course.  By nature it’s a casual piece but that doesn’t mean some caps just look better than others.  For some of the best looking baseball caps on the market these days, check out the Needlepoint Hats from Smathers & Branson ($35). (more…)

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