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Marshall Ohio Battle for the Bell

The Battle for the Bell dates back to 1905, when the Marshall Thundering Herd and the Ohio Bobcats, located merely 80 or so miles apart, met in Huntington, West Virginia.  Marshall clawed out a 6-5 victory in that meeting.  The Bell was first introduced in 1997 and while Ohio leads the overall series 30-19-6, Marshall has been the dominate team of late, winning the Bell in nine out of eleven games.  A brief hiatus ensued when Marshall left the MAC for Conference USA in 2005, but after an unexpected meeting in the 2009 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, the two teams signed a six year contract to bring the game back.  This year’s battle pits a 1-1 Marshall team against a 2-0 Ohio team with votes in the polls and its eyes on an undefeated season. (more…)

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Iowa Iowa State Cy Hawk Trophy

We’re lucky to have another interconference rivalry this early in the season as the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  The teams first met in 1894 when the Cyclones won 16-8.  Iowa has pretty well controlled the series, leading 39-20 all time.  They started playing for the Cy-Hawk Trophy in 1977 and it’s currently in possession of the Cyclones.  Here’s what to wear if you’ll be heading to the game in Iowa City this Saturday or just watching on television. (more…)

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How to Dress for the 4th of July Banner

You can go either one of two routes when dressing for the 4th of July.  The first option is in your face American flag tank tops, shorts and whatever else you may find.  The second is much more subtle, and quite frankly, looks quite a bit better. That’s what I’ll focus on today, looks you can get away with any time of the year but ones that are especially pertinent to the 4th of July.  The one key requirement was that every item had to be made in the USA, sadly not a small feat.  It just feels wrong to celebrate the birth of our country in something made in China. (more…)

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Summer wedding season is now in full swing, in fact it was almost a year ago I had a summer wedding of my own.  Several factors determine what you should wear to a summer wedding, the most important being the heat.  You’ll have it easy if the invitation specifies the dress code but if it doesn’t opt for a summerweight suit and tie.  If the wedding turns out to be more casual than anticipated, it’s easy to lose the tie and the jacket. (more…)

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Jim Phelan

Jim Phelan is not a household name when it comes to college basketball coaches, which is a shame because he is the seventh winningest coach of all time.  Phelan spent his entire career at Mount Saint Mary’s, a small private Catholic university in Maryland, which is why he isn’t as well known as Bob Knight or Adolph Rupp or Dean Smith.  If there’s one thing Phelan was known for as much as winning, it was his signature bow tie.  His retirement in 2003 led to several coaches wearing bow ties for one game in his honor.  His signature bow tie is even painted on the court now named for him.  It was difficult finding many pictures of the coach but I was able to take this one from his later years and recreate the outfit below: (more…)

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First round voting will end at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, March 15.

#1 Kiel James Patrick vs. #16 Hudson Sutler

American-made, nautical themed bracelets pitted up against American-made bags perfect for a getaway.

#8 Starboard Clothing vs. #9 Blue Claw Co.

It’s hand-made bow ties and one great looking hat versus rugged, durable luggage.

#5 Bird Dog Bay vs. #12 Lemon and Line

Whimsical neckwear from a Chicago-based brand dueling nautical rope bracelets from Rhode Island.

#4 Costa Del Mar vs. #13 Collared Greens

Collared Greens already took down one sunglasses brand.  Can it do it again?

#6 Chicago Belt Co. vs. #11 Oak Street Bootmakers

The battle for Chicago, Midwest-inspired ribbon belts against handcrafted Horween leather shoes.

#3 Smathers and Branson vs. #14 Warby Parker

Needlepoint belts and accessories take on affordable eyewear.

#7 Tucker Blair vs. #10 Martin Dingman

The brand bringing needlepoint belts to the masses battles the brand exemplifying that quality matters, especially in leather goods.

#2 Knot Belt Co. vs. #15 Pierrepont Hicks

Will you be getting knotty with some ribbon belts or looking dapper with American-made neckwear?

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Martin Dingman Wellington Belt

Ribbon and needlepoint belts are great but they aren’t necessarily always office-appropriate.  For situations that require more formal dress, it’s good to have a quality leather belt to turn to.  Sure, your basic leather belt may not be as fun or show your personality as well as the aforementioned styles, but it’s an edict we must follow.  There’s nothing wrong with basic, anyways.  There’s a reason it’s used in the boardroom.  It simply looks good.  When you do need basic, make sure it’s a belt crafted with years of American heritage and fine leather, like the Wellington Belt by Martin Dingman ($145). (more…)

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