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Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray 1st Edition Reversible Bow Tie Orange White Stripes Dots

K. Cooper Ray of Social Primer is well known for his collaborations with Brooks Brothers, but last Friday he struck out his own and presented his own line during Fashion Week.  The full line will include blazers, neck ties and bow ties, but, being Bow Tie Friday, it makes sense to focus on the bow ties.  The Alpha Bow Tie from Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray ($75) will be one of the first products you can purchase from this new line. (more…)


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GameDay Blazer Green

A few months ago when I was looking for colored blazers for a post and was having no luck, Zac over at Loggerhead Apparel tipped me off to a new company called GameDay Blazers.  With college football on our collective minds these days, now is the perfect opportunity to introduce you all to this brand.  Their blazers add the perfect finishing touch to any gameday uniform and keep you looking classy while still sporting team colors. (more…)

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True Wind Port Laptop Bag Sail Cloth Made in USA

All in all most laptop bags are fairly boring.  They’re usually plain and a single color, often black, and are by no means bad looking but there’s just nothing that sets the carrier apart.  So when someone takes a different approach to the laptop bag it should definitely catch our eye.  You won’t find anything nondescript and forgettable about the Port Laptop Bag by True Wind ($165). (more…)

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Kiel James Patrick Jack Fitz Lanyard Collection Bracelet

Now that Labor Day has come and passed, summer is more or less over (not that it feels like it outside right now) and days spent on the water will be few and far between.  Unlike your seersucker and madras, you don’t have to leave the nautical elements in the summer.  Thanks to Kiel James Patrick and the new Lanyard Hitch Collection ($40) you can keep a reminder of the water around your wrist at all times. (more…)

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Pulpit Supply Rubik Bow Tie Cotton Windowpane

As the seasons change, so do the materials in our clothes.  After Monday it will sadly be time to put away our seersucker and linen and begin transitioning into wool and corduroy.  While cotton is a lighter weight material, it can still be appropriate for the fall in the right color palette, like the blues and browns of the Rubik Bow Tie by Pulpit Supply ($49). (more…)

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Concord Button Downs Old Manse Plaid Shirt Red New England

Last week a new button down shirt company that makes all its products in America hit the market.  Concord Button Downs is following a similar model as established brands like Jack Robie and Taylor Stitch, great-fitting shirts that are made in America.  I corresponded with Dan, the founder, over e-mail to get a little more background on the endeavor and discovered we had more than a few things in common (it turns out we both attended schools called Concord with minutemen mascots).  Included in the initial release of six shirts, the Old Manse Plaid ($115) will make a perfect shirt for sipping hot apple cider around a blazing fire this fall. (more…)

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Blue Claw Co Frankfurt Field Brief

While a backpack may suffice throughout college, once you hit the real world you’ll want to upgrade to a professional briefcase.  Heck, there’s no rule that says you can’t get a head start and carry one during college. Blue Claw Co. released its new urban line yesterday and one of the favorites from the collection, which also happens to be a briefcase, is the Frankfurt Field Brief ($190). (more…)

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