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Marshall Ohio Battle for the Bell

The Battle for the Bell dates back to 1905, when the Marshall Thundering Herd and the Ohio Bobcats, located merely 80 or so miles apart, met in Huntington, West Virginia.  Marshall clawed out a 6-5 victory in that meeting.  The Bell was first introduced in 1997 and while Ohio leads the overall series 30-19-6, Marshall has been the dominate team of late, winning the Bell in nine out of eleven games.  A brief hiatus ensued when Marshall left the MAC for Conference USA in 2005, but after an unexpected meeting in the 2009 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, the two teams signed a six year contract to bring the game back.  This year’s battle pits a 1-1 Marshall team against a 2-0 Ohio team with votes in the polls and its eyes on an undefeated season. (more…)

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Here’s a helpful guide to identify all those animals and find out why they represent each brand.

Clothing Logos Atlantic Drift Bird Dog Bay Brooks Brothers High Cotton Ties Loggerhead Apparel Luxley Bernard Salmon Cove Southern Dignity Southern Marsh Southern Point Southern Proper Vineyard Vines

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Navy Notre Dame Football Helmets

College football kicks off tomorrow night, so for the next three months or so the “How to Dress for” series is going to be taken over by the sport.  Each week will feature a post on how to dress for the game of the week, usually a rivalry or a top 25 matchup.  There are a few stipulations though.  First of all, at least one of the teams must be located within the Midwest.  Look you’ll likely see a ton of posts elsewhere on what to wear to games in the south and frankly Midwestern fans need more help dressing well than our southern counterparts.  Also, I am sick of having to hear about SEC schools all the time and this is a blog based out of the Midwest anyways.  The second stipulation is that each school can only be featured once.  So while the Michigan-Alabama game is one of the best match ups this weekend it won’t be featured because there’s no way the Michigan-Ohio State game is going to be left out at the end of the year.  Yes, Buckeye and Wolverine fans you’re going to have to wait awhile for your post. (more…)

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High Cotton Ties Darden Woolie Bow Tie

Darden Woolie ($60)

Summer is sadly drawing to a close.  That means less pastels and more darker tones, less lightweight fabrics like seersucker and madras and more heavyweight fabrics like wool and tweed.  It also means that brands are starting to roll out their fall bow tie collections and it’s always a good time to add a few more to the collection.  First up is High Cotton Ties and its Fall Collection of 16 new bow ties.  The following are some favorites from the line. (more…)

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Lady's Perspective Bow Ties

When choosing a swath of fabric to encircle your neck, there are only so many different style options for you to choose from.  Basically, it comes down to bow ties and your standard neck ties.  Since you may only see a cravat once a year at the pretentious wedding of a second cousin on your mother’s side, we won’t count those.  Once you choose a style, there are many different options including patterns (gingham, paisley, seersucker, stripes, petite animals or icons) and fabrics (cotton, silk, wool).  Personally, this lady loves a bow tie. There is just something undeniably sexy about bow ties.  They remind me of the Old South and classic movies with classic leading men like Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery. (more…)

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High Cotton Ties Stars & Stripes Reversible Bow Tie

Leo Arnaud’s “Bugler’s Dream” is currently on repetition in my head.  The familiar notes can mean only one thing, the Olympics are here.  While they had their soft opening on Wednesday with the group stages of women’s soccer, the grand Opening Ceremony is tonight and I could not be more excited.  Of course this means I’m feeling even more patriotic than normal so it’s only appropriate to discuss a red, white and blue bow tie today.  The Stars & Stripes Reversible Bow Tie by High Cotton Ties ($45) is perfect for proudly displaying your patriotism over the next two weeks. (more…)

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How to Dress for the 4th of July Banner

You can go either one of two routes when dressing for the 4th of July.  The first option is in your face American flag tank tops, shorts and whatever else you may find.  The second is much more subtle, and quite frankly, looks quite a bit better. That’s what I’ll focus on today, looks you can get away with any time of the year but ones that are especially pertinent to the 4th of July.  The one key requirement was that every item had to be made in the USA, sadly not a small feat.  It just feels wrong to celebrate the birth of our country in something made in China. (more…)

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