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Bonobos Navy Trains

Bonobos Navy Trains Lightweight Corduroy Pinwale Pants

There’s a bit of a chill in the air, especially in the morning, but by midday the temperatures are back above seventy.  This fluctuation makes it tricky to dress and stay comfortable all day.  For your upper body you can always rely on layering but that doesn’t quite work for your lower body.  Trends like shorts worn on the outside of pants or zip-off pants are best left in the 80’s or on your backpacking trip.  Instead, try a lightweight corduroy like the Navy Trains by Bonobos ($98), that combines autumnal texture with summer comfort. (more…)

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Bonobos Khakistans

Bonobos Khakistans Midweight Cords

With Labor Day come and gone it’s time to retire the seersucker and other summer fabrics and begin integrating the fall fabrics.  One of those essential fall fabrics is the ribbed fabric known as corduroy.  Corduroy is to fall what seersucker is to summer.  Add some corduroy to your wardrobe with the Khakistans by Bonobos ($98) (more…)

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