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Marshall Ohio Battle for the Bell

The Battle for the Bell dates back to 1905, when the Marshall Thundering Herd and the Ohio Bobcats, located merely 80 or so miles apart, met in Huntington, West Virginia.  Marshall clawed out a 6-5 victory in that meeting.  The Bell was first introduced in 1997 and while Ohio leads the overall series 30-19-6, Marshall has been the dominate team of late, winning the Bell in nine out of eleven games.  A brief hiatus ensued when Marshall left the MAC for Conference USA in 2005, but after an unexpected meeting in the 2009 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, the two teams signed a six year contract to bring the game back.  This year’s battle pits a 1-1 Marshall team against a 2-0 Ohio team with votes in the polls and its eyes on an undefeated season. (more…)

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Red Clay Soul Shoes Brooks Brothers Alden Lucchese Sid Mashburn Allen Edmonds

The High Five is a series that explores the five favorite things in a certain category. The following are Jay of Red Clay Soul’s five favorite shoes. You can view my High Five post on his blog. If you’d like to participate in future posts, please send me an e-mail.

Over the past few years, I’ve concentrated on building a ‘classic’ shoe collection.  While I do have some one-off pairs that get a fair amount of wear, the classics get worn the most.  They go with almost everything, and work in most situations.  Another focus is quality.  For me, the ability to repair or resole a pair of shoes is a must when making an investment in a pair of shoes.  These are My Five that rank at the top of the heap: (more…)

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Iowa Iowa State Cy Hawk Trophy

We’re lucky to have another interconference rivalry this early in the season as the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  The teams first met in 1894 when the Cyclones won 16-8.  Iowa has pretty well controlled the series, leading 39-20 all time.  They started playing for the Cy-Hawk Trophy in 1977 and it’s currently in possession of the Cyclones.  Here’s what to wear if you’ll be heading to the game in Iowa City this Saturday or just watching on television. (more…)

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Here’s a helpful guide to identify all those animals and find out why they represent each brand.

Clothing Logos Atlantic Drift Bird Dog Bay Brooks Brothers High Cotton Ties Loggerhead Apparel Luxley Bernard Salmon Cove Southern Dignity Southern Marsh Southern Point Southern Proper Vineyard Vines

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Navy Notre Dame Football Helmets

College football kicks off tomorrow night, so for the next three months or so the “How to Dress for” series is going to be taken over by the sport.  Each week will feature a post on how to dress for the game of the week, usually a rivalry or a top 25 matchup.  There are a few stipulations though.  First of all, at least one of the teams must be located within the Midwest.  Look you’ll likely see a ton of posts elsewhere on what to wear to games in the south and frankly Midwestern fans need more help dressing well than our southern counterparts.  Also, I am sick of having to hear about SEC schools all the time and this is a blog based out of the Midwest anyways.  The second stipulation is that each school can only be featured once.  So while the Michigan-Alabama game is one of the best match ups this weekend it won’t be featured because there’s no way the Michigan-Ohio State game is going to be left out at the end of the year.  Yes, Buckeye and Wolverine fans you’re going to have to wait awhile for your post. (more…)

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Travel Essentials Moleskine Notebook iPhone Bonobos Khakis Brooks Brothers Polo Nike Zoom Volero Missouri Hat Ray-Ban Wayfarers

The High Five is a series that explores the five favorite things in a certain category. The following are the American Gentleman’s  five favorite travel essentials. You can view my High Five post on his blog. If you’d like to participate in future posts, please send me an e-mail.

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” – St. Augustine

I’ve always enjoyed the get away, whether a quick weekend or a long beach vacation. As I’ve gotten older and been able to travel more I’d discovered there are always a few items I never leave home without. My travel High Five essential items, the invariable items that always end up in my duffel bag. (more…)

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Southern Proper Elephant Repp Stripe Gent TieSouthern Proper Elephant Repp Gent ($75)

Repp stripes are a staple of prep and Ivy League style, but there’s quite a bit of confusion as to what repp stripes actually are.  Repp actually refers to the silk fabric and not the stripe.  Repp is woven in a way that gives it a distinctive texture caused by the fine cords or ribs running across it.  And even though they’re most frequently associated with stripes,  repp ties also come in other patterns. (more…)

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