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Bonobos Navy Trains

Bonobos Navy Trains Lightweight Corduroy Pinwale Pants

There’s a bit of a chill in the air, especially in the morning, but by midday the temperatures are back above seventy.  This fluctuation makes it tricky to dress and stay comfortable all day.  For your upper body you can always rely on layering but that doesn’t quite work for your lower body.  Trends like shorts worn on the outside of pants or zip-off pants are best left in the 80’s or on your backpacking trip.  Instead, try a lightweight corduroy like the Navy Trains by Bonobos ($98), that combines autumnal texture with summer comfort. (more…)

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Iowa Iowa State Cy Hawk Trophy

We’re lucky to have another interconference rivalry this early in the season as the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  The teams first met in 1894 when the Cyclones won 16-8.  Iowa has pretty well controlled the series, leading 39-20 all time.  They started playing for the Cy-Hawk Trophy in 1977 and it’s currently in possession of the Cyclones.  Here’s what to wear if you’ll be heading to the game in Iowa City this Saturday or just watching on television. (more…)

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Travel Essentials Moleskine Notebook iPhone Bonobos Khakis Brooks Brothers Polo Nike Zoom Volero Missouri Hat Ray-Ban Wayfarers

The High Five is a series that explores the five favorite things in a certain category. The following are the American Gentleman’s  five favorite travel essentials. You can view my High Five post on his blog. If you’d like to participate in future posts, please send me an e-mail.

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” – St. Augustine

I’ve always enjoyed the get away, whether a quick weekend or a long beach vacation. As I’ve gotten older and been able to travel more I’d discovered there are always a few items I never leave home without. My travel High Five essential items, the invariable items that always end up in my duffel bag. (more…)

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Dad Short Yellow Shorts American Flags 80's

Thanks to brands like Bonobos and Chubbies I now can enjoy the view of my husband’s nicely toned thighs more often than ever before!  I know that many ladies do not prefer 5-inch inseam shorts on their men but I adore them and believe you should too.  Not only do they just look good but they also bring back a sense of nostalgia.  I remember when I was a little girl, my dad would wear his tiny shorts with a polo tucked in and I always thought he looked very handsome.  Gentlemen, these are the shorts your fathers wore and, if they were good enough for them, they should be good enough for you.  I love the above picture of Mr. GLP holding two American flags and his dad wearing his bright yellow shorts back in the day (Mr. GLP note: Proof that I’ve been loving American since I was born. Also, the pinnacle of my gymnastics career). (more…)

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How to Dress for Rush Week Banner

As classes are heading back into session it can be time for only one thing – rush week.  Now fraternities are not going to judge how you’re dressed to the extent that sororities will judge their PNMs but you’d be remiss to think that what you wear won’t have at least some influence on whether you receive a bid or not.  The following are some recommendations on how to dress for rush week.  In reality it’s extremely easy to mix and match elements from each depending on the situation. (more…)

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For a good part of the summer, baseball has the center stage.  No other major sports are taking place for a couple of months and there’s nothing quite like getting out to the diamond to enjoy America’s pastime.  Of course you need to be properly attired for these visits and well nothing about wearing a jersey says properly attired.  Should you find yourself lucky enough to be in a luxury box in most instances you’ll be perfectly fine swapping out the shorts for a pair of pants.  Here’s a rundown for each team located near the shores of the Great Lakes. (more…)

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Gitman Bros for Bonobos Scott Key Bow Tie

It may be a day late for Flag Day but this post is just in time for Independence Day.  A lot of brands seem to be coming out with American flag themed products lately, including bow ties.  Caroline from Back Down South alerted me to this one yesterday that’s sure to get lots of wear throughout the year, the Scott Key from Gitman Bros ($65). (more…)

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