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Smathers and Branson Michigan State Needlepoint Belt

This post originally ran August 24, 2012.  Since then Smathers and Branson has added 14 more schools to bring the total up to 68 and the Midwestern options now include Kansas, Miami (OH), Michigan, Michigan State and Missouri in addition to Northwestern and Wisconsin.  Hats, coasters and Christmas ornaments are also available for select schools.

So far I’ve touched on the basics for supporting your school.  You have your shirts and your pants covered, and maybe even a tie.  But to really put the whole look together, you need to finish it off with the appropriate accessories.  Here to help finish off your look is Smathers & Branson with their collegiate line of needlepoint products ($25-$165).Smathers & Branson creates needlepoint belts, key fobs, flasks, wallets and dog collars for a variety of schools.  Right now they have designs for 54 schools, mostly located in the South and on the East Coast, but recently they have been expanding into the Midwest with schools like Northwestern and Wisconsin.  All of the products feature the high quality needlepoint designs that Smathers & Branson uses for their regular line of merchandise.  Each of these products will make a perfect accoutrement to an already well thought out gameday uniform. (more…)

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Salmon Cove
I’m heading to Chicago today to catch the start of the Race to Mackinac and spend a night in the city.  In honor of that let’s take a look back at a brand based in Chicago.  The original post ran on October 26, 2011 and it’s been fun to see how much the brand has grown since then. (more…)

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