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The High Five is a series that explores the five favorite things in a certain category. The following are Jay of Red Clay Soul’s five favorite shoes. You can view my High Five post on his blog. If you’d like to participate in future posts, please send me an e-mail.

Over the past few years, I’ve concentrated on building a ‘classic’ shoe collection.  While I do have some one-off pairs that get a fair amount of wear, the classics get worn the most.  They go with almost everything, and work in most situations.  Another focus is quality.  For me, the ability to repair or resole a pair of shoes is a must when making an investment in a pair of shoes.  These are My Five that rank at the top of the heap: (more…)

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For some people warmer weather means it’s time to wear nothing but flip-flops for the next few months.  While that’s fine if you live on the beach, a better summer footwear option is the white buck shoe.  Originally crafted from deerskin (hence the name), bucks began life in the 1800’s as a shoe for tennis.  Eventually they were adopted by the preppy set for dressier occasions and have been the summer shoe of choice ever since.  The shoes even gave rise to the term “white shoe firm” to describe many of the leading professional service firms and their WASP-y stereotypes.  Traditionally white bucks come with a brick red rubber sole but these days you’ll find all sorts of other options.  Make sure to invest in a suede brush to keep your bucks scuff free all summer long.


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