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GameDay Blazer Green

A few months ago when I was looking for colored blazers for a post and was having no luck, Zac over at Loggerhead Apparel tipped me off to a new company called GameDay Blazers.  With college football on our collective minds these days, now is the perfect opportunity to introduce you all to this brand.  Their blazers add the perfect finishing touch to any gameday uniform and keep you looking classy while still sporting team colors. (more…)


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Social Primer for Brooks Brothers Tailgate Blazer Red

It’s back.  The acclaimed Tailgate Blazer returns for another season after its successful debut last fall.  The Social Primer for Brooks Brothers collaboration is one of the best out there and this year it just keeps getting better (or should we call this the Wm Lamb & Son and Social Primer for Brooks Brothers collaboration?).  Get suited up for fall tailgates with the new Tailgate Blazer by Social Primer for Brooks Brothers ($448). (more…)

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Lands' End Madras Patchwork Sportcoat

Madras doesn’t need to just be for pants or shirts.  It looks just as great as a well-tailored sportcoat that can be employed throughout the summer.  While many companies make a basic woven madras sportcoat, a patchwork madras version is harder to find.  Search no further for that perfect patchwork sportcoat and pick up the Madras Patchwork Sportcoat by Lands’ End ($250). (more…)

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While the navy blue blazer is a staple of every prep’s wardrobe, there really is very little variation from one to another.  There might be a slightly different fit or the buttons may be customized but each navy blazer is more or less the same.  Brooks Brothers has set out to make sure this isn’t the case anymore and teamed up with Social Primer, the popular menswear and manners blogger, to introduce the Social Primer Tailgate Blazer ($420). (more…)

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Brooks Brothers Two Button Regent Fit Blazer

There are essentials that are required to be in every preppy closet.  The polo, oxford button downs, bow ties, boat shoes, the list goes on and on.  I’ve covered each of these elements so far but there is one I have failed to mention, the blue blazer.  The blue blazer is prep.  It is versatile.  It works at the office, on a dinner date, at the country club or at a wedding.  It is classic and timeless.  JFK wore one.  It looks great.  If you are in need of a blue blazer, one of your best bets is the Two Button Regent Fit Blazer by Brooks Brothers ($420). (more…)

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Madison Seersucker Suit by Brooks Brothers

While many people will wait until after Memorial Day to break out their seersucker and other summer suits, I believe there is no reason to wait that long and instead use Easter as the official start to seersucker season.  If you think about it, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness have already come and gone and it just seems downright wrong for seersucker to not be present at either event. (more…)

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