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Bonobos Navy Trains

Bonobos Navy Trains Lightweight Corduroy Pinwale Pants

There’s a bit of a chill in the air, especially in the morning, but by midday the temperatures are back above seventy.  This fluctuation makes it tricky to dress and stay comfortable all day.  For your upper body you can always rely on layering but that doesn’t quite work for your lower body.  Trends like shorts worn on the outside of pants or zip-off pants are best left in the 80’s or on your backpacking trip.  Instead, try a lightweight corduroy like the Navy Trains by Bonobos ($98), that combines autumnal texture with summer comfort. (more…)


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Pennington and Bailes Stadium Pants Alabama Tulane

The kickoff of the college football season may still be more than a month away but it’s approaching quickly and it’s best to start getting prepared for gameday.  A great looking pair of pants is an essential part of the gameday look and while khaki works well, a pair of pants in your school’s colors with embroidered logos works even better.  That’s what you’ll get with a pair of Stadium Pants from Pennington & Bailes ($135). (more…)

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Bonobos Limoncello Yellow Pants

Life is too short to wear boring pants.  With blue skies and bright sunshine the norm now, there is no reason your pants shouldn’t reflect the change in seasons.  Khaki, navy and grey are fine for the conservative office environment, but once you’re outside the walls of your job or summer internship if you’re going to be wearing pants they better be bright, fun and have a Go To Hell attitude.  Matching all three descriptors in bunches are the Limoncellos by Bonobos ($88). (more…)

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Bonobos Flatiron Denim

You know we love a theme here at GLP.  And in the spirit of yesterday’s post, the theme for this week will be made in the USA with New York roots.  I hadn’t planned on doing this but once I did a little research it turned out there were plenty of great options to feature.  I like to think of it as a New York Fashion Week of things real men would actually wear.

While we love our khakis, we all need at least a couple good pairs of blue jeans in our closets.  Sure khakis are more formal, but the best jeans look just as good paired with a blazer as out in the yard.  And there are very few articles of clothing more American than blue jeans.  For New York’s made in the USA ode to blue jeans, Bonobos proudly presents its Flatiron Denim ($125). (more…)

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Mountain Khakis Flannel-Lined Original Mountain Pant

The wind howls past as you traverse up the snow-covered path.  You pull your jacket tighter, fighting to keep every last bit of warm air inside.  Your legs should be freezing right now, with only a covering of khaki, yet they’re perfectly toasty because they are encased in soft, heat-trapping flannel.  That’s because you’re wearing the Flannel-Lined Original Mountain Pants by Mountain Khakis ($94.95). (more…)

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Orvis Embroidered Holiday Bozeman Cords

Sadly it appears that much of the Midwest will not have a white Christmas this year.  While there is still some hope, don’t let the lack of snow damper your holiday spirits or your holiday cords.  Show mother nature that whether or not there’s snow, you’ll be celebrating in a bright pair of cords like the Embroidered Bozeman Holiday Cords by Orvis ($169). (more…)

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Whether you are a fan of the current BCS system or would much prefer a playoff, there’s no disagreeing that the constant stream of college football bowl games for the next few weeks is one of the highlights of the sporting year.  Sure, you might not really care about the outcome of the GoDaddy.com Bowl (yes, that is the real name of a bowl and shows how irrelevant they have become), but you will end up watching just the same.  While the less sartorially inclined will opt for a t-shirt or a jersey when watching their favorite team, we’ll be opting for something more formal and sans mustard stains.  The following are some key elements of a proper bowl game outfit. (more…)

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