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Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray 1st Edition Reversible Bow Tie Orange White Stripes Dots

K. Cooper Ray of Social Primer is well known for his collaborations with Brooks Brothers, but last Friday he struck out his own and presented his own line during Fashion Week.  The full line will include blazers, neck ties and bow ties, but, being Bow Tie Friday, it makes sense to focus on the bow ties.  The Alpha Bow Tie from Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray ($75) will be one of the first products you can purchase from this new line. (more…)

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General Knot & Co Mini Jacquard Navy Floral & Crimson Plaid Bow Tie

Floral patterns seem to be one of the biggest trends these days, but the full blown floral patterns just seem too trendy and unmasculine to me.  Suffice it to say it’s highly unlikely that floral patterns will be making much of an appearance in my wardrobe.  However, a subtle floral print that’s a little more classic and less trendy is something I might consider, like the pattern on the  Mini Jacquard Navy Floral & Crimson Plaid Bow Tie by General Knot & Co. ($68). (more…)

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Pulpit Supply Rubik Bow Tie Cotton Windowpane

As the seasons change, so do the materials in our clothes.  After Monday it will sadly be time to put away our seersucker and linen and begin transitioning into wool and corduroy.  While cotton is a lighter weight material, it can still be appropriate for the fall in the right color palette, like the blues and browns of the Rubik Bow Tie by Pulpit Supply ($49). (more…)

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Southern Proper x Wm Lamb & Son Shotgun Bow Tie


Wm. Lamb & Son has been at the forefront of some great collaborations lately (and several more to come!), one of which was recently released.  The company partnered with Southern Proper on a line of neck and bow ties that draws heavily from the strengths of each.  I’d first heard about the collaboration back when the Brand Bracket was going on and the two companies were ironically pitted against each other and it was all I could do to not announce to the world what was going to be coming.  Since it’s Bow Tie Friday, let’s focus on the Southern Proper x Wm. Lamb & Son Bow Ties ($60) .

From Wm. Lamb & Son we get seven original designs from the Artist himself, most of which are available in three different colors.  Southern Proper pitches in the canvas for these works of art with its high quality silk bow ties.  Together they make some of the best looking bow ties among all the fall releases.  The bows have an outdoors theme, featuring classic fall pastimes.  You can view all the designs below (as well as the Shotgun above) before heading over to order your favorite.

Southern Proper x Wm Lamb & Son Bow Ties

(Clockwise, from top left)

Bird Camo / Hunter & Son / Pointer / Quail Feather / Quail Trio / Quail Wagon

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High Cotton Ties Darden Woolie Bow Tie

Darden Woolie ($60)

Summer is sadly drawing to a close.  That means less pastels and more darker tones, less lightweight fabrics like seersucker and madras and more heavyweight fabrics like wool and tweed.  It also means that brands are starting to roll out their fall bow tie collections and it’s always a good time to add a few more to the collection.  First up is High Cotton Ties and its Fall Collection of 16 new bow ties.  The following are some favorites from the line. (more…)

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Lady's Perspective Bow Ties

When choosing a swath of fabric to encircle your neck, there are only so many different style options for you to choose from.  Basically, it comes down to bow ties and your standard neck ties.  Since you may only see a cravat once a year at the pretentious wedding of a second cousin on your mother’s side, we won’t count those.  Once you choose a style, there are many different options including patterns (gingham, paisley, seersucker, stripes, petite animals or icons) and fabrics (cotton, silk, wool).  Personally, this lady loves a bow tie. There is just something undeniably sexy about bow ties.  They remind me of the Old South and classic movies with classic leading men like Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery. (more…)

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Hugh Simms Military Bag Bow Tie

It’s always been apparent that we here at Great Lakes Prep are big supporters of our servicemen and women.  It takes a special kind of person to take on the responsibilities they have to and we are appreciative of that everyday.  While there are plenty of military-inspired bow ties out there (red,white and blues, camo, etc.) that immediately let everyone know whom you support, sometimes it’s best to wear something that’s more subtle and has a story behind it.  And if the Military Bag Bow Tie ($60) by Hugh Simms could talk, it would surely have some stories to tell. (more…)

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