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Pulpit Supply Rubik Bow Tie Cotton Windowpane

As the seasons change, so do the materials in our clothes.  After Monday it will sadly be time to put away our seersucker and linen and begin transitioning into wool and corduroy.  While cotton is a lighter weight material, it can still be appropriate for the fall in the right color palette, like the blues and browns of the Rubik Bow Tie by Pulpit Supply ($49). (more…)


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Who doesn’t love a little bit of eye candy?  With punchy colors, these pieces will keep you on trend.  The style pendulum is swinging back towards gold and I am a fan!  I own a pair of the starfish earrings and I had to include them in this collection because they stand above the rest that I have found.  The rest of the pieces I would certainly love to own…hint, hint Mr. GLP.

1. Loren Hope Kelly Turquoise Necklace $140 / 2. KEP Designs Pearl and Gold Coin Toggle Bracelet $275 / 3. Mod Cloth Exclaim to Fame Ring $12.99 / 4. C. Wonder Signature Enamel Bracelet $38 / 5. Pink Pineapple Stockard Landing Earrings $25 / 6. Fornash Turtle Decorative Pin $25 / 7. J.Crew Factory Pave Starfish Earrings $24.50 / 8. J.Crew Factory Crystal Triangle Pendant Necklace $32.50

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Concord Button Downs Old Manse Plaid Shirt Red New England

Last week a new button down shirt company that makes all its products in America hit the market.  Concord Button Downs is following a similar model as established brands like Jack Robie and Taylor Stitch, great-fitting shirts that are made in America.  I corresponded with Dan, the founder, over e-mail to get a little more background on the endeavor and discovered we had more than a few things in common (it turns out we both attended schools called Concord with minutemen mascots).  Included in the initial release of six shirts, the Old Manse Plaid ($115) will make a perfect shirt for sipping hot apple cider around a blazing fire this fall. (more…)

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Navy Notre Dame Football Helmets

College football kicks off tomorrow night, so for the next three months or so the “How to Dress for” series is going to be taken over by the sport.  Each week will feature a post on how to dress for the game of the week, usually a rivalry or a top 25 matchup.  There are a few stipulations though.  First of all, at least one of the teams must be located within the Midwest.  Look you’ll likely see a ton of posts elsewhere on what to wear to games in the south and frankly Midwestern fans need more help dressing well than our southern counterparts.  Also, I am sick of having to hear about SEC schools all the time and this is a blog based out of the Midwest anyways.  The second stipulation is that each school can only be featured once.  So while the Michigan-Alabama game is one of the best match ups this weekend it won’t be featured because there’s no way the Michigan-Ohio State game is going to be left out at the end of the year.  Yes, Buckeye and Wolverine fans you’re going to have to wait awhile for your post. (more…)

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Over Under Front Pocket Gentleman's Wallet

Nothing says more about a guy than his wallet.  After all, it is probably the thing you carry with you most.  When you go out on a first date, you do not want to pull out your wallet to pay (like a gentleman) and have to unfold the Velcro wallet you’ve had since you were eleven.  Nothing says “I’m slightly immature and don’t have a penny to my name” like a Velcro, fake crocodile or crazy embossed wallet.  Believe me when I say that women pay attention to the details.  It’s time to man-up and start using a real wallet, the kind that has hand stitched leather and is made in America. (more…)

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Starboard Clothing Statement Cap Dune Sand

There’s quite a bit of debate as to whether a baseball cap can be considered part of the prep wardrobe.  Maybe it’s not classic prep but, semantics aside, we all enjoy throwing one on from time to time, whether it’s to actually play a game, cover up a bad hair day or shade our eyes from the radiant sun.  Radiant, that’s a pretty apt word to describe the new Statement Caps by Starboard Clothing ($22)  They’re bright and a little loud and if there is such a thing, they could easily be classified as Go-To-Hell caps.  Ben at Starboard was kind enough to send over one in the orange and navy colorway (Da Bears!) and I put it to the test this past weekend. (more…)

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Travel Essentials Moleskine Notebook iPhone Bonobos Khakis Brooks Brothers Polo Nike Zoom Volero Missouri Hat Ray-Ban Wayfarers

The High Five is a series that explores the five favorite things in a certain category. The following are the American Gentleman’s  five favorite travel essentials. You can view my High Five post on his blog. If you’d like to participate in future posts, please send me an e-mail.

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” – St. Augustine

I’ve always enjoyed the get away, whether a quick weekend or a long beach vacation. As I’ve gotten older and been able to travel more I’d discovered there are always a few items I never leave home without. My travel High Five essential items, the invariable items that always end up in my duffel bag. (more…)

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