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Starboard Clothing Patriot Plaid Bow Tie

Patriot Plaid

The word on Twitter the other day was that Starboard Clothing Co. was debuting a couple of red, white and blue bow ties just in time for Independence Day.  The hype did not disappoint as the Red, White, and Blue Plaid and Patriot Plaid (both $45) were released on Wednesday.  Handcrafted in Maryland these American made beauties should be gracing your neck sometime during the next  week. (more…)


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Over Under Front Pocket Gentleman's Wallet

If you haven’t noticed yet there’s been a “Made in America” theme on the blog the past couple days.  That will keep up the rest of this week and all next week as we celebrate our independence.  Next up is a wallet made in South Carolina that I just happened to receive from Mrs. GLP for our one year anniversary, the Front Pocket Gentleman’s Wallet by Over Under ($50).

For years I’ve carried a bulky tri-fold wallet in my back pocket.  It’s got the job done but I wanted something slimmer, especially for summer.  The Front Pocket Gentleman’s Wallet is significantly skinnier (60% less bulk than a bi-fold according to the web site) and fits nicely in the front pocket.  It’s perfect because it limits you to only the essentials, so store those unnecessary extra credit cards and loyalty cards and carry only your essentials, even if the wallet fits six credit cards per side.  The wallet is made from American steer hide and features a brass interior money clip.  Adding a nice touch of ruggedness is the shot gun shell on the front and the embossed retriever on the back.

Not only is this wallet American made but a portion of the proceeds go towards making a difference in the lives of shelter and rescue dogs.

Over Under Front Pocket Gentleman's Wallet Golden Retriever

Wrigley modeling the wallet

Over Under Front Pocket Gentleman's Wallet

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How to Dress for the 4th of July Banner

You can go either one of two routes when dressing for the 4th of July.  The first option is in your face American flag tank tops, shorts and whatever else you may find.  The second is much more subtle, and quite frankly, looks quite a bit better. That’s what I’ll focus on today, looks you can get away with any time of the year but ones that are especially pertinent to the 4th of July.  The one key requirement was that every item had to be made in the USA, sadly not a small feat.  It just feels wrong to celebrate the birth of our country in something made in China. (more…)

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Krass & Funnell Deck Hand Shorts

With the dog days of summer in full swing it’s nice to have a couple pairs of athletic shorts on standby for working out or just lazily lounging around the house.  Krass & Funnell has you all set with its preppy take on the sporting staple replete with embroidered lobsters, anchors and seahorses.  Made from high performance nylon, polyester and spandex, these shorts function while looking good.  An eight inch inseam keeps them up above the knees and a Made in the US tag keeps them up at the top of the rotation. (more…)

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Prep in Chicago
There’s a movement out there to show that there are people living the preppy lifestyle in places other than the coast and the south.  Prep in Chicago is spearheading that movement in the nation’s third largest city.  Lolly gives insight into the preppy happenings in the city while also touching on prep fashion.  If you want proof that there are preps in the Midwest, look no further.  Read on to find out more about Lolly and her blog.

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Chicago Belt Co Great Lakes Ribbon Belt

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in with Chicago Belt Co. and there have been a lot of great things going on.  First up is a partnership with Great Lakes Proud in which every Great Lakes Belt order also receives a Great Lakes Proud Die-Cut Sticker.  The second big happening has been the addition of several new colorways for the Great Lakes Belt.  There’s blue ribbon with yellow lakes on navy or white webbing (hello Marquette and Michigan fans), green ribbon with pink lakes on white or seersucker webbing (hello ladies), green ribbon with white lakes on white webbing (hello Michigan State and Ohio fans), white ribbon with red lakes on white (hello Chicago residents) or navy webbing (hello America), plus the original green ribbon with white lakes on navy webbing.  Read below for the original post on the belts. (more…)

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Dolbeau Go-to-Hell Multicolor Bow Tie

While they are becoming a little more commonplace, bow ties are still a go-to-hell staple.  How do you take something that is already inherently GTH and make it even more so?  You throw in three different colors that allow it to take on seven different appearances.  Allow me to introduce the Go-to-Hell Multicolor Bow Ties by Dolbeau ($69 CAD, about $67.07 US). (more…)

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