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Bird Dog Bay Lobster Pound Silk Belt

The spectrum of materials that can be made into a belt is immense.  Leather, cotton webbing adorned with ribbon, needlepoint, even a length of rope in a pinch can all be turned into a belt.  In a nod to a style icon of the past and another example of how anything can be a belt,  Bird Dog Bay has pulled a Fred Astaire, turning its signature ties into Silk Belts ($45). (more…)

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Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Beach Madras Shirt

Madras is one of the quintessential summer fabrics.  Favored during the warm weather months, it’s lightweight weave helps you stay cool under the sweltering summer sun.  Originally developed in the hot, humid climate around the southern Indian port city of Chennai (formerly Madras during British rule), madras quickly became a prep staple.  Favored as much for its bright, bold patterns as its propensity to soften over time, madras has a place throughout your wardrobe. (more…)

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Atlantic Drift Tour Visor

Whether on the golf course or at the edge of the water, some sort of headcovering is a necessity now that we’ll be sending increased hours outside.  You’ll sorely miss the shade it gives your eyes from the sun if you don’t have one handy.  Atlantic Drift has you covered this summer with its Tour Visor ($24). (more…)

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Salute the Brave Ronald Reagan White Baseball Cap

Today we honor the men and women who have served to protect our freedom and ensure our way of life continues.  While you’re gathered around the grill this afternoon, take a moment to remember that many of those we are honoring are placing themselves in danger so that we may enjoy this extra day off.  Do something special today to support our troops and consider picking up the Ronald Reagan White Hat by Salute the Brave ($24.99). (more…)

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Brooks Brothers BB#4 Bow Tie

It’s crazy to think that it has been a year since I started this blog.  As I look back over those 12 short months it is amazing to me to see how much the blog has changed and evolved into what it is now.  To all of the readers, whether you have been here from the beginning or this is your first time, thank you.  If it weren’t for you there would be no one year anniversary.

To mark this occasion I’m introducing a new feature, the Blast From the Past.  Every so often I’ll pull a post from the archives and bring it back to the forefront.  It’s a way to revisit some brands that newer readers may have never seen because they only specialize in one or two things and don’t get many mentions.  To kick it off I want to start with the first Bow Tie Friday post ever written.* (more…)

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Lands' End Madras Patchwork Sportcoat

Madras doesn’t need to just be for pants or shirts.  It looks just as great as a well-tailored sportcoat that can be employed throughout the summer.  While many companies make a basic woven madras sportcoat, a patchwork madras version is harder to find.  Search no further for that perfect patchwork sportcoat and pick up the Madras Patchwork Sportcoat by Lands’ End ($250). (more…)

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Indianapolis 500 2012 Logo

Wondering how you should dress if you’re venturing to Indianapolis for the 500 this weekend?  Show up in seersucker and a bow tie and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.  The Kentucky Derby this is not.  That’s the thing about style, while a navy blazer and khakis is a great look most of the time, it needs to be tweaked so as not to alienate people in certain situations.  You wouldn’t wear it to shop at Wal-Mart and you won’t wear it in the 500 infield. (more…)

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