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There isn’t a band out there today that exudes prep fashion like Vampire Weekend, which makes sense when you consider the bandmates were all classmates at Columbia University.  Ezra Koenig is the lead singer and this is the madras look he pulls off in the music video for the band’s single, “Cousins.”  It’s simple and classic and the madras shirt has me pining for summer. (more…)

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Boast Polo

Boast Kelly Green Pinstripe Polo

Many of the brands highlighted here are relatively young and don’t have much tradition built into them.  Not so for Boast though, which just might be the preppiest brand you’ve never heard of.  It’s not for lack of quality or product design.  The Japanese Maple Leaf logo was ubiquitous in the 70’s and 80’s, right up there with the alligator and the pony.  Why then do the pony and alligator endure but the maple leaf has seemingly disappeared?  It all has to do with a company shift in the 90’s that decided to leave the commercial market and concentrate on selling blank polos to country clubs.  But now the brand is back, revived by two loyal fans of the brand.  Allow me to reintroduce the Boast Polo ($68). (more…)

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The American Gentleman

Over the past few weeks I have been collaborating with fellow bloggers to put together a new feature, “You Ought to Be Reading”.  Each Monday I will bring you a different blog and an interview with the brilliant mind behind it.  These are the blogs I read every time there is new content, the blogs that serve as inspiration, and the blogs that I think you really ought to be reading.  Before I bring you this week’s first feature, I want to sincerely thank each person who took the time to answer these questions and help me bring you this new feature that I hope you’ll enjoy. (more…)

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On Being From the Midwest

My wife and I sat at dinner one night, enjoying a lively conversation when an intriguing questions came up.  What does it mean to be from the Midwest?  We pondered this awhile, realizing it was much more difficult to put into words than one might think.  You see, in the Midwest we are humble.  We love where we are from but we have a hard time showing it.  We don’t have a million brands declaring our affinity for where we grew up like in the South.  We don’t have the tradition that comes with being from the Northeast.  But, we love our homeland none the less. (more…)

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The Cordial Churchman Quinton Chambray Bow Tie

Over the past month or so, Andy of The Cordial Churchman has been highlighting several of The Cordial Churchman’s spring collection bow ties in his 366 Bow Ties project.  Needless to say there were a lot of great looks and anticipation was building to see the entire lineup.  Now that all the bows in the collection have been released to the public, it’s time to take a look at the collection and highlight some of my favorites. (more…)

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Loggerhead Apparel Southern Nesting Grounds Long Sleeve Tee

Most brands are starting to roll out their new spring lines and products and there are a lot of great new looks out there.  As the weather warms up, sweaters are starting to be replaced with t-shirts.  As many Midwestern college students will be making the annual trek down south for Spring Break in the coming weeks, it’s a wise move to help support the ecosystem that makes the region a desirable vacation destination.  You can do your part by purchasing the  Southern Nesting Grounds Tee by Loggerhead Apparel ($30-32). (more…)

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Coach Eric Taylor

There’s nothing particularly exceptional about how Coach Taylor dresses.  Most days it’s a polo, khakis, worn-in baseball cap, athletic sunglasses and croakies.  Yet, it’s pretty similar to how I dress for most casual situations.  Compared to what NFL coaches wear, Coach Taylor’s uniform is the equivalent of a bespoke suit.  Plus, I’ve always loved how he’s the only person on TV wearing croakies. (more…)

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