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Warby Parker Everett Sunglasses

This weather is amazing.  It was over 50 degrees yesterday and is supposed to be even warmer today. 50 degrees.  In January.  In Indianapolis.  When a warm front normally means anything over 30, it’s safe to say that I’ll be enjoying the weather as long as I can.  It also has thoughts of spring and sunshine popping into my head and with spring thoughts come searches for new sunglasses.

Sunglasses are most commonly associated with the beach and other warm weather pursuits, but, in reality, in the Midwest it is just as important, if not more important, to have a pair of shades handy in the winter.  With the usual coating of snow reflecting the sunlight, it gets awfully bright and can be near impossible to see.  Thanks to a tip from a reader, I decided to check out Warby Parker and see what they had to offer.  The selection is fantastic, headlined by the Everett ($95). (more…)

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Southern Dignity Regnat Polo

It’s official, the web site for Southern Dignity went online on Saturday.  It’s been fun witnessing the growth of the brand and and there’s been a lot of anticipation for the launch.  Those that have been following Southern Dignity through social media have assuredly already seen many of the offerings and perhaps have even ordered a few before the site went live.  For those that haven’t, allow this to be an introduction.  Even though this is a brand built with the Southern way of life as a foundation, there’s definitely a good variety of products that appeal to those of us in the Midwest as well.  One of the best places to start when discovering a brand for the first time is its polo.  Southern Dignity’s addition to the polo market is the Regnat Polo ($68). (more…)

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This post was originally a guest post on the blog Prep in the Midwest.  I figured it would be a good time to repost it here as the Super Bowl is only a week away and it might be handy for anyone heading to the city to have a nice little guide for what to do when you’re here beyond the special activities set up for the game.  By all means enjoy the Super Bowl Village.  Take a ride on the zip line, watch the concerts, pony up $1000 to go to one of the exclusive parties if that’s you’re sort of thing.  But when you’ve done all that and are looking for more, turn to this guide to figure out where the locals go.  If you are heading into town and have any further questions, you can always contact me through e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.  I’ll be glad to help you out anyway I can and show you why Indianapolis is one of the best places for hosting the Super Bowl. (more…)

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I’m back with part III of my expedition in the emerging Indianapolis food truck scene.  If you get a chance this weekend or next, make sure to head down to Monument Circle where a majority of the city’s food trucks will be dishing out lunch and dinner.  It’s a great opportunity to try a wide variety in one location.  For more information on the other mobile eateries in the city, make sure to read the previous posts.

Food Truck Forays, Part I

Food Truck Forays, Part II (more…)

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Land's End Canvas Donegal Bow Tie

These days it is possible to find bow ties in all sorts of different fabrics, which is a big change from a few years ago when most bow ties were made from silk.  Now there’s cotton, chambray, wool, and seersucker.  If it’s used to make an article of clothing, it’s likely used to make a bow tie as well.  One of the fabrics synonymous with winter is tweed, which is sharply displayed in the Donegal Bow Tie by Land’s End Canvas ($59.50). (more…)

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Southern Marsh Gadwall Gingham Shirt

Over the next few weeks I’m going to work in some posts about a few of the clothing items I got for Christmas this year.  It’s been about a month now so I’ve had sufficient time to get a good feel for the ins and outs of each article.  I’ll start off with one of my favorite button downs in my closet, the Gadwall Gingham by Southern Marsh ($75). (more…)

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Kiel James Patrick Jack and Bobby Rig Bracelet

Aah, to be out on the water, wind blowing through your hair, drink in hand, sun blazing overhead.  It’s days like today that leave me pining for summer and wishing to be on a boat, whether it’s on the ocean or on the lake.  Alas, we must wait a few more months before it is warm enough to once again hit the water.  Luckily, you can keep a bit of the nautical life with you at all times with the Triton Collection by Kiel James Patrick ($38). (more…)

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