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L.L. Bean Boots

As I left work yesterday, I noticed the first snow of the season had begun coating the ground.  Boatshoes will no longer suffice to provide proper warmth and the last thing you want this time of year is wet feet.  That means it is officially time to break out the L.L. Bean Boots ($69-$194).



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Vineyard Vines Mini Tie Ornaments

The tree went up in the GLP household this weekend and is fittingly adorned with an assortment of ornaments representing numerous facets of our lives.  However, there’s seems to be something missing, a hint of formality and a touch of preppy.  While I can’t wrap my tree in a blazer or place wingtips on the tree stand, Vineyard Vines has created a solution with its Mini Tie Ornaments ($39.50). (more…)

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Christmas Playlist

I’ve always felt the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start playing the Christmas music.  My iPod tends to disagree as it slowly but surely trys to ramp up the amount of Christmas songs it plays on shuffle once it hits October.  I’ve compiled this playlist of some of my favorite tunes for the holiday season, both the classic and the new.  Some of these you’ve heard since you were a little kid and I’m sure a few of these you never even knew existed.  Use this link to listen to the playlist on Spotify.

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There may be no such thing as a free lunch but it is possible for you to get a free needlepoint belt.  Tucker Blair has offered the opportunity for a variety of blogs to participate in the Tucker Blair belt giveaway this holiday season.  The catch is that in order to host the giveaway, the blog needs to have at least 100 likes on the photo that represents the blog on Tucker Blair’s Facebook page.  Head over to Facebook now to like the photo for Great Lakes Prep (it’s the skyline of Chicago taken from outside the Shedd Aquarium) by this Friday, December 2.  As an added bonus, each person that likes the photo will get an extra entry into the giveaway.

While you’re over there, make sure to like the Great Lakes Prep Facebook page if you haven’t already done so.

Good luck!

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Bird Dog Bay Turkey Trot Bow Tie

With it being the day after Thanksgiving it’s only fitting to find a bow tie that somehow incorporates the turkey.  While it graced our plates yesterday, it is now handsomely gracing our necks today.  Your search for that perfect turkey bow tie is now complete thanks to Bird Dog Bay and its Turkey Trot Bow Tie ($55). (more…)

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In 1934 the annual tradition of the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day began as the Chicago Bears defeated the Lions 19-16.  May your turkey be juicy, your beer be cold, your pie be pumpkin or bourbon pecan, the football be good and the memories and joy created with your family be everlasting.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bonobos Tryptopants Corduroys

Tomorrow while you are watching football and eating a delicious homecooked meal, there’s a distinct possibility some of that turkey is going to end up on your pants.  Why not come prepared then with pants that already have turkeys on them?  Bonobos has duly noted the need for such pants and has brought back their Tryptopants ($125) once again this year. (more…)

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