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The Cordial Churchman Aberdeen Bow Tie

As you may already know, The Cordial Churchman holds a special place in my  bow-tie loving heart due to wearing on of the company’s bow ties for my wedding.  They just recently launched their fall collection, which I have thoroughly scoured in hopes of narrowing my selection down to just a couple (it’s harder than it sounds).  One of the next bow ties I plan to be picking up is the Aberdeen ($29). (more…)


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Coast Apparel Huntington Shirt

Pawleys Island is best known for its world-famous hammocks, but it may not be long before those hammocks are overshadowed by some great Pawleys Island-inspired clothing.  Coast Apparel is a group of “coastal living enthusiasts” specializing in apparel that reflects the comfortable but sophisticated style of the coastal regions.  One of their signature items is the Huntington Shirt ($89.50). (more…)

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Cash Robinson

A couple weeks ago I raved about one of my favorite new polos out on the market, the Cash Robinson Silks Reserve polo.  I recently had the chance to interview Travis, the founder of Cash Robinson, and Max, the Social Media Director and one of the campus reps.  Read on for the interview and a special treat at the end.


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Knot Belt Company Original Knot Belt

There are all kinds of belts out there.  There’s leather belts, needlepoint belts, ribbon belts, woven belts…the list goes on and on.  The ribbon belt, with its myriad of design possibilities, is a fun, casual option at a fraction of the price of a needlepoint belt.  One company specializing in American-made ribbon belts is New England-based Knot Clothing and Belt Company.  Knot Clothing and Belt Company offers a variety of grosgrain ribbon belts in D-ring ($38) and leather tab ($42) styles. (more…)

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High Cotton Ties Koozies

The koozie, or coozie if so inclined, is the perfect accompaniment for an ice cold beer.  Often used as a promotional device to garner inexpensive marketing, the koozie serves a fashionable purpose as much as it does a functional one.  In some cases the fashion even becomes function.  The koozie serves multiple purposes.  First and foremost it keeps your beer cold and your hand warm.  The foam or neoprene from which the koozie is most made insulates your beer against the warmth that normally would be transferred by your hand and prevents you from having to feel the chilly surface of the can or bottle.  (more…)

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A few weeks back my wife and I were visiting her sister and her sister’s husband in St. Joseph, Michigan, when we decided to sneak in some wine tastings at a couple local wineries before the Notre Dame game.  We visited Karma Vista Vineyards and Winery and Contessa Wine Cellars, along with stops at The Chocolate Garden for truffles, Vineyards Gourmet for chocolate covered bacon and Grandpa’s Cider Mill for apple cider.  The wine at Contessa was fine but nothing was very memorable or stood out.  Karma Vista, on the other hand, was spectacular.  Each of their wines was delicious, highlighted by the Syrah Reserve.  The oaky taste that came through made it almost seem like I was sipping a glass of bourbon and, compared to other syrahs I’ve tried, it was extremely smooth.  The ultimate validation, though, is that my wife actually liked it too and she normally hates red wine.  Here are some photos from the weekend: (more…)

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Bow ties are quickly catching on in the Midwest and one of the companies leading the way is Chicago-based Bird Dog Bay.  Bird Dog Bay offers a range of bow ties, neck ties, cufflinks and other accessories online and in select retail stores.  The brand has a great personality and is a reflection of its creator, Steve.  You won’t find a more entertaining brand website out there.  I recently had the opportunity to ask Steve a few questions while he was in Vail, Colorado working on the fall collection.  For a more detailed background on the company, be sure to read about it here. (more…)

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