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The Campus Tour is a series of posts designed to serve as a visitor’s guide to universities across the nation.  While we all love our own schools and couldn’t imagine any place better, it’s always fun and exciting to visit another campus.  If you have friends at the school you’re visiting, it’s pretty easy to figure out your way around and find things to do.  However, you might be visiting for an away football game or something else where you don’t know anyone at the school.  That’s where these posts will come in handy.  I’ll kick off the inaugural Campus Tour with the place I called home for four years, Butler University. (more…)

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Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Jack’s Mannequin & Guster concert at the Lawn at White River in Indianapolis.  Every once in awhile I get tickets through work for local concerts and this was one of those times.

Lady Danville was the opening act and the first thing that caught my attention was that the guitarist was sporting a bow tie.  The music was good and reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie.

Next up was Jack’s Mannequin, who also happened to play at the first concert my wife and I ever attended.  The show was great with a good mix of old and new stuff.  The highlight was definitely the guitar solo during “You Can Breathe Now.” (more…)

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Jimmy and Sook Pique Crab Polo Shirt

This past week a reader of the blog alerted me to a brand I should take a look at, Jimmy and Sook.  Heeding his advice I checked out their web site and browsed their product selection and came away quite impressed.  I think there is no better place to start exploring the brand than their signature Pique Crab Shirt ($65). (more…)

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Here are a few contests that are happening right now.

One Man’s Hodgepodge

Brian is currently running a contest with Chesapeake Ribbons and will be giving away a belt of the winner’s choice.  The contest ends whenever Brian reaches 60 Twitter followers (he has 42 right now) so you’ll want to be quick.  There are several ways of entering and the chances of winning are pretty good.

Preppy Girl Meets World

Preppy Girl Meets World is currently running a giveaway with Anchored Style.  The winner gets their choice of two coozies and there will be three winners overall.  Once again, there are several ways to enter.  The giveaway ends Thursday, September 1st.

Red Clay Soul / Streaker Sports

Red Clay Soul and Streaker Sports are hosting a Fantasy Football Name Contest right now as well.  Get your names in by Thursday, September 1st.  The best name wins a $50 gift certificate to Streaker Sports (Old Glory croakies anyone?) and is the Streaker Sports team name for the season.  Don’t fear, if you aren’t creative, the worst name gets a Streaker Sports coozie.

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Vineyard Vines University of Illinois Tie

I know it’s sacrilege on a Bow Tie Friday, but today I’m going to discuss their longer cousin, the neck tie.  Unfortunately, none of my go to bow tie brands make college themed bow ties.  Brooks Brothers only has neck ties in its Collegiate Collection.  Southern Proper has some bow ties that are obviously influenced by college logos but they skew more to the Southern schools.  Therefore, we are, for now, stuck with neck ties if we want to sport your school’s logo (you can easily work a bow tie into a gameday ensemble by working in your school’s color).  Currently, Vineyard Vines has one of the best selection of college-themed ties ($75). (more…)

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Homage Indiana 1976 National Champs Tee Shirt

So far there hasn’t been a whole lot of love for the schools in theMidwest.  Unfortunately, most of the brands making collegiate products focus on Southern and East Coast schools and tend to overlook the school pride in the other parts of the country.  Maybe it’s because we don’t tend to dress up for sporting events, which I think is something we need to change.  Half a century ago, attending a sporting event was a special occasion where women put on their best dresses and men wore shirts and ties and it’s something I feel we should get back to.  On the other hand, sometimes you just want to throw on a t-shirt and relax.  One company focusing more on the Midwest and this desire is Homage, a clothing brand based out of Columbus, Ohio. (more…)

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Smathers and Branson Northwester University Needlepoint Wallet

So far I’ve touched on the basics for supporting your school.  You have your shirts and your pants covered, and maybe even a tie.  But to really put the whole look together, you need to finish it off with the appropriate accessories.  Here to help finish off your look is Smathers & Branson with their collegiate line of needlepoint products ($25-$165). (more…)

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