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The Fredo

If there’s one thing that I am as passionate about as clothes, it’s restaurants and food.  Figuring out what local restaurants to try tends to be one of the first things that is planned when I visit another city.  Heck, my wife and I just discussed making a trip to Columbus, Ohio solely to try out some restaurants that were on the Travel Channel show, Man v. Food.  It was only after a little research that I figured we should probably stop at the Columbus Zoo while we’re there.  Needless to say you’ll definitely be seeing quite a few restaurant reviews in the future. (more…)


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I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog for the past month and have loved seeing the amount of people, especially those in the Midwest, check in to see what I have to say.  However, I think it may be time for a change.  I started this guide to highlight some brands and clothing items that I liked and to serve as a resource for those, especially in the Midwest, who wanted to expand their wardrobes beyond just a few established brands.  Unfortunately, most of the brands discussed aren’t based in the Midwest and it has become harder to lend a Midwest perspective and not just become another blog showcasing brands more specifically targeted at those in the East and the South. (more…)

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Brooks Brothers Non Iron Advantage Chinos British Khaki

After a week of relaxing in the sun, eating and drinking all sorts of different things and pretty much being treated like a king, it’s time to leave the honeymoon and come back to real life.  Real life for me today means my first day of work at my first post-college job and I plan on making a good first impression in both my work and my dress.  Thankfully, I can count on Brooks Brothers and their Non-Iron Advantage Chinos ($89.50) for just that. (more…)

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The Cordial Churchman Green Seersucker Bow Tie

It is by far the best day of the week again, Bow Tie Friday.  With the movement gaining even more followers every week, Casual Fridays may soon go the way of the dinosaurs.  Over the past few weeks we’ve highlighted several impressive bow ties, but today I want to share one that is dear to my heart, the Green Seersucker Bow Tie by The Cordial Churchman ($26). (more…)

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Tipsy Skipper Clutch

Summer is the time of year to break out the bright colors and slim down profiles.  While you might think it’s necessary to bring everything but the kitchen sink with you when you leave home, you’ll likely figure out you can get away with much less. While I don’t know much about purses, I do know you can accomplish both of the aforementioned summer tasks with a Clutch from Tipsy Skipper ($70). (more…)

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Southern Tide Sunglass Straps

Have you ever had your sunglasses drop off of your head and get scratched or fall overboard while you were on the lake?  Even if you haven’t, you should consider taking action to make sure it never happens to you.  This is where Sunglass Straps by Southern Tide come in handy ($7.95). (more…)

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Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather Sandals

With summer officially under way, we’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach and we’ll need a quality pair of sandals.  While you can pick up a cheap pair just about anywhere, it’s likely they won’t last you through the summer.  That’s why I recommend the Premier Leather Sandals by Rainbow Sandals ($46-$57). (more…)

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